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Christmas Savings

Christmas Savings  Father Christmas

Even though Christmas is a yearly occurrence - and we all know it will be here without fail on the 25th of December EVERY year - many of us seem to leave it until the last minute and then panic about where the money will come from to pay for it!

Let London Community Bank give you a simple solution!  Our Christmas Savings Club!

Putting money aside in advance with our Christmas Savings Club means you can focus less on how you're going to pay for all your festive goodies and more on how much you're going to enjoy your Christmas with the people you love most. After all Christmas is all about family and everyone wants the best for those special people in their lives! You can either allocate a portion of your current monthly savings, or increase your payment to cover the amount you want to go towards a special Christmas Saving Club. Saving a small amount each pay day soon adds up.

Savings are safely put aside, protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, ready for you to withdraw during the period from November 1st to the end of January. The savings enjoy the same dividend rate as ordinary savings where we paid 0.6% last year.

For existing members to open a Christmas Saver account, just drop us an email or complete the contact us section in the members areas, requesting we open the account for you and let us know how much you would like to save each month. You can choose to pay in by any of the methods we offer, whatever suits you. You can even opt to split your regular payment between your Christmas Saver and other accounts. If you are not yet a member of London Community Bank, click here to join.


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