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Managing Money


Managing money can be simpler than you think, even if you are on a tight budget. From our point of view there are two key elements - completing a budget to see where your money goes and then looking to see if you can get a better deal on key items of expenditure.

Here are two great web sites that provide budget templates and guidance on how to complete them.

When you are looking to check if you have the right deal for your electricity or gas supplier or even your telephone costs a good site to use is Uswitch  This will let you know the best deals available.
Also if you are buying a new electrical goods such as a TV or washing machine, the following site pricerunner is very useful at showing you the cheapest prices available and where to buy the item from.
There are a number of other comparisom sites available - the key is to always check before you spend your cash - you will be amazed as how much cheaper some things can be!
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